Bradenton, FL wedding – Jazmine & Joseph

Love Story- We met at Sligo SDA Church in Takoma Park, MD. Jazmine was still attending WAU and finishing her Education Degree. Joseph had just came back from studying in Dominica and began his rotations in Maryland. During this period, he was helping to teach Sligo’s GLOW Sabbath School. At first they saw each other as friends, however they enjoyed the time they spent together. The first outing they went to together was when they went bowling with their friends and had frozen yogurt together. They would continually see each other at church and on occasion their friends would try to get them in the same location. Their friends saw that they should be together even before they did. After Joseph left to finish his last year of medical school in Florida, they occasionally caught up throughout the months. Jazmine really appreciated Joseph’s sincerity when asking about her grandmother. Near the end of the summer, Jazmine realized she hadn’t talked to Joseph in a while and decided to reach out to him and leave a voice message. Joseph thought that was really sweet. As they kept in contact, Jazmine truly appreciated how genuine he was. His humor and lighthearted spirit was breath taking and his kindness was rare to find. He made her feel valued, special, and as though she was just enough for him. Joseph really fell in love with Jazmine’s smile and her beautiful presence. He loved how eager and happy she was to spend time with him. He never thought he would find someone who would love him as much as she did. After much prayer and consideration, they realized they should be together. Joseph flew to Maryland to surprise Jazmine and gave her a bouquet of her favorite flowers at the beginning of their relationship. This was Jazmine’s first time receiving a bouquet of Star Gazer Lilies.


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